【Announcement】20150126 Urge HIV-infected Foreign Nationals with Illegal Residence Status in Taiwan to Contact PRAA ASAP

Dear friends,

Amendments to HIV Infection Control and Patient Rights Protection Act has passed third reading in the Legislative Yuan on January 20, 2015, removing all entry and residence restrictions on HIV+ foreigners and offering those who remain in Taiwan illegally the opportunity to gain legal residence status.

If you stay in Taiwan against the regulations demanding your deportation (due to your HIV status), we urge you to contact Persons with HIV/AIDS Rights Advocacy Association of Taiwan (PRAA), or us as soon as possible. If you are more familiar with another HIV/AIDS-related NGO, please feel free to contact them instead, but please do so soon.


PRAA's contact information is as follows:

Telephone: 886-2-2550-5963

E-mail: praatw@gmail.com

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 10 am to 6 pm


For your information, this window of opportunity will close at the end of the year. As the process to change your residence status is complex, please do not delay in contacting PRAA, us or your preferred NGO.

We hope that everyone can smoothly obtain legal residence status this year. Everyone should be able to pursue their dreams in Taiwan no matter what path it might take.


Taiwan Tongzhi (LGBT) Hotline Association

January 26, 2015