Telephone Consulting

Through telephone consultation, the organization provides information and support about gender and LGBTQ issues.

  1. Tongzhi hotline service 
    Time: Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 19:00-22:00
    Telephone: 02-2392-1970


Family Services

To help parents to understand LGBTQ children better and to promote communication and understanding between parents and children.

  1. Support group for parents and relatives of LGBTQ children
  2. Afternoon tea for parents of LGBTQ children
  3. Parent of LGBTQ hotline, individualized consultation service
  4. “To come out, or not to come out” discussion group


AIDS Prevention

Provide consultation on sanitary and safe practices in the gay community and oversee government prevention policies

  1. Lecture series on sexual health and AIDS prevention in the gay community.
  2. College campus AIDs lectures
  3. Anonymous consultation before and after AIDS testing
  4. AIDS telephone consultation service
  5. Support groups for foreign HIV carriers
  6. Professional AIDS training for social workers
  7. Maintenance of SongYY AIDS prevention website


Gender Education

Helping people to understand LGBTQ issues through personal stories

  1. Gender education classes for students
  2. Educational expo series
  3. Professional guidance lecture series
  4. Presentations concerning “Understanding LGBTQ Issues,” “Gender Equality,” “Life Education,” among other topics.



Promote society’s valuing and support of the elder LGBTQ population as well as documenting LGBTQ history in Taiwan.

  1. Taiwan LGBTQ oral history publishing project
  2. Middle-aged LGBTQ emotional support program
  3. Lecture series on understanding aging LGBTQ
  4. Support programs and initiatives for LGBTQ individuals with disabilities
  5. Middle-aged lesbian meeting group


Intimate Relations

To record and investigate the diversity of lesbian relationships and establish support networks for the lesbian community

  1. Lecture series on lesbian relationships
  2. Lesbian health programs
  3. Development of support/conversation groups in areas with low LGBTQ development
  4. Support for LGBTQ domestic violence
  5. LGBTQ domestic violence trainings and reports


Southern Taiwan Branch

To provide local services for the LGBTQ community in southern Taiwan

  1. Support group for parents and relatives of LGBTQ children (Southern Taiwan)
  2. Parent of LGBTQ afternoon tea
  3. Volunteer organization and training
  4. Organization of local LGBTQ activities in southern Taiwan

Service Times: Monday-Friday, 14:00~22:00




Culture and Publishing

To educate and promote understanding on gender issues through publishing the following works:

  1. Dear Mom and Dad, I Am Gay
  2. Stop, Look, Listen: Coming Out of the Closet
  3. Book of Wisdom for Lesbian Love
  4. Gay Male Sex Expert Handbook
  5. Understanding Tongzhi Handbook
  6. Rainbow Bus
  7. Conversations on Desire


Human Rights Advocacy

To fight for equality and to oppose any form of sexual oppression or discrimination

  1. Oppose police illegal online “fishing” for sexual predators
  2. Provide legal counseling for LGBTQ individuals
  3. Organize protests and actions for issues of sexual identity and orientation


Social Movement Alliance

To unite different social movement groups to fight discrimination

  1. Human rights, sex rights, among other issues (Taiwan Pride Parade Alliance, Citizens’ Alliance for Media Reform, Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights, Taiwan AIDs Alliance).
  2. Exchange and Cooperation with International Organizations (Chinese Lala Alliance, ILGA, DAN, etc).


Organization Administration

Maintain excellent hiring practices and expand financial and volunteer resources

  1. Volunteer trainings and courses
  2. Annual fundraiser
  3. Donation services
  4. Maintenance of official website and electronic reports